A Guide to Dog ID Tags

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Did you know it is a legal requirement for your dog to wear an ID Tag in a public place?

Under The Control of Dogs Order 1992, dogs must wear a collar with the owners name and address attached or inscribed. If your dog is found without the correct information you can risk a fine.

It is important to remember the above law is required even with the new Microchip law in place. Ultimately ensuring your dog has relevant contact details on their tag will help keep them safer, and hopefully if lost get them retuned quicker.

So, what must be included on a Dog ID Tag?


• The name and address of the owner.

• Contact number (ideally multiple numbers) for the owner

• Some choose to include addition information such as stating the dog is microchipped or has a certain condition requiring treatment. For example, Diabetic.


We would advise against putting the dog’s name on the tag. This can be used to allow strangers to get closer to your dog for the purposes of stealing them.

In the case of a stolen dog, knowing the name can convince others that dog belongs to the person calling it.

Remember every ID Tag needs a suitable strong stylish collar.

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