Do Cats Need to Chew?

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Chewing is just as important for cats as it is for dogs! 

Chewing is vital for supporting cats’ dental health, it helps remove plaque and tartar, reduces bad breath, and keeps teeth healthy and strong. Remember kittens go through a teething stage, so chewing is essential for all life stages. 

Did you know that chewing also releases endorphins? So cats that get the opportunity to chew feel happier, less stressed and more content in their home.


What can I give my cat to chew?

There are many crunchy and delicious chews available for cats. From catnip stalks to crinkly toys, there will be something for every cat to enjoy.

There are also plenty of enriching chews to be found down the dog aisle. In theory, anything that is safe for a dog to chomp and gnaw on, is also safe for a cat.

Always take size into consideration, however you can choose from a variety of dog chews. From pizzle sticks, pig ears, meaty chews and even raw bones. The trick is to find something your cat really enjoys! 

Offer cats a variety of chews and rotate them regularly to keep chew time fresh and exciting. 

Pssst: Remember dental diets offer fantastic daily support too. 

How to choose the right chew?

Always make sure it’s the right size, the chew should be big enough for them to chew safely and not be able to swallow whole. 

Pets should ALWAYS  be supervised when chewing. Watch them closely and remove the chew when it becomes too worn or small.

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