Does My Cat Need a Litter Tray?

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

The answer to this question, is most certainly YES.

Many owners will choose to remove their cats litter tray and instead rely on their feline toileting outside.  Although some cats will find a suitable place outdoors, there are many reasons to always keep a clean litter tray inside. 


1) Less Chance of Indoor Accidents 

Cats are understandably not keen to do their business in the cold, wind and rain. Without a suitable safe litter tray in the home, you may find that your cat has some ‘accidents’ indoors  during the Autumn and Winter months. Keeping a litter tray indoors all year round provides a safe and warm area for cats to toilet and avoids any mess… 

2) Keeps Cats Happy 

Our felines are hygienic creatures and much like us can be reluctant to use a dirty ‘public’ toileting area. They will often choose to avoid that dirty area and instead either go inside (somewhere you certainly won’t want them to) or they refuse to toilet which can lead to many health concerns. 

Providing a clean tray indoors will prevent these situations and keep cats content. Remember litter trays will need mess removing daily and when washing always use a pet safe cleaner. 

3) Keep An Eye on their Health 

If your cat is always toileting outside, there is a lot less chance to spot any issues or potential health concerns. The litter tray is normally the first to tell us when our pets may be poorly.

Urine and faeces will indicate if their diet is working, whether they are drinking enough and can inform you they have a parasite problem. 

Remember what goes into your cat, is what comes out. The healthier the diet, the less mess in the tray!

4) Reduces Stress 

Cats that toilet in the great outdoors are often finding themselves in stressful situations.  Other cats can take over territories, gardens can be paved over and sometimes our senior moggies simply can’t get to their outdoor toileting space. 

Suddenly not having a place to comfortably go to toilet can lead to cats feeling vulnerable and anxious. Having a safe, comfortable and clean toilet in the home (the place they feel most relaxed!), is essential for reducing stress and keeping cats happy. 

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