How Can I Improve My Dogs Skin and Coat?

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Does your dog have itchy dry skin? Or a dull coat? If so, you are not alone! Many owners struggle to keep their furry friends’ coats looking and feeling healthy.

There are many reasons behind poor skin and coat condition, from intolerances to lack of maintenance. To help you keep your dog’s fur looking fabulous, here are some top tips.


1) Check their Diet!

What your pooch eats plays a huge role in skin and coat condition as well as their overall health. Dietary intolerances often present as itchy, irritable skin.

By switching your dog to a natural high meat content diet, you can improve their skin, coat and digestive health. 

Look for foods that contain a high level of Salmon or Insect Oil. These oils are super tasty and help to improve essential oil flow on the skin, leading to soft, shiny and ever-so-strokable fur!

For more help understanding what to look for in a diet, watch our Guide to Premium Pet Food. 


2) Brush Your Dog Regularly

Every dog benefits from regular grooming, even those with short or smooth coats. 

Frequent brushing will detangle your dog’s fur and reduce the chance of matts and knots. Daily brushing also improves circulation and helps remove that irritating undercoat. 

Regular pamper sessions keep your pooch feeling and looking healthier. For more advice on brushing your pet, check out our Grooming Guide.


3) Use Natural Dog Shampoo

Some dog shampoos contain chemicals which can contribute to flaky, itchy and more dermatitis-prone skin.

To keep your dog’s coat healthy, avoid the nasty chemicals and stick to natural high-quality shampoos, such as the Dogwood Range. These shampoos are naturally preserved with Vitamin E, PH balanced to suit dogs coats and made without ANY harsh chemicals. 

The perfect gentle range of shampoos to support your pet’s sensitive skin and make them smell fabulous.

Our Academy Trained staff are always on hand with more advice on keeping your pet’s coat soft and shiny. Find your local Pets Corner store here.

If you need extra help keeping your dog looking stylish,  pop along to your local Dogwood Natural Grooming Spa.