How Do I Protect my Pet Against Worms?

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Did you know 1 in 5 pets have worms? Worms can cause pain, suffering and discomfort in our dogs and cats. However, worms don’t just affect our pets, they can also be a potential danger to us too. 

It is essential that we take steps to protect our pets against these parasites. First and foremost, it is important to understand the different species that pose dangers to us and our pets.



These are long white worms with cylindrical bodies. Adult roundworms reside within the small intestine of our pets and feed off gut contents. It is very easy for our pets to become infected with roundworm, in fact there are several different ways:

1) Swallowing infected eggs from environment, this could be from soil or something else rather unpleasant… Did you know up to 1 million roundworm eggs can be found in a pile of dog poo?

2) Puppies and Kittens are both at risk whilst feeding from their mother. Roundworms can travel from the mammary glands and through milk.

3) Eating prey or picking up dead animals on walks. It is very easy for our animals to become infected with this nasty parasite. Tapeworms These look like long flat ribbons or tapes divided into segments. Adult tapeworms live and grow within the small intestine and can reach great lengths.

Our pets become infected with tapeworms through ingesting an intermediate host. The most common species is known as the Flea Tapeworm, as this parasite is transmitted from the body of a flea.

For more help understanding this ectoparasite, our Guide to Fleas.


How Often Should I Worm My Pet?

Regular deworming is key to protecting our furry friends. The goal of de-worming is to keep the worm burden in the body at a low and tolerable level.

How often you aim to deworm will depend on the age of the pet.

Puppies and Kittens:

• Treat for roundworms every 2 weeks until they are 3 months.

• Treat for roundworm and tapeworm every 4 weeks from 3-6 months.

Adult Pets (6 months and over):

• Treat for roundworms and tapeworms at least every 3 months for the lifespan of the animal.

Remember worming is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. 


Explore our range of worming treatments. For more help battling against parasites, head over to your local Pets Corner store for expert advice.