How to Reduce Costs with Better Pet Nutrition

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Healthy Pet

From keeping teeth clean, to soothing their joints and supporting weight loss, the best diets do more than just keeping our pets full. The right diet will nourish every part of your pet, from the inside to the outside.

To save money on temporary fixes and expensive vet bills, look deeper at your dog’s dinner to find those real health benefits.

Smelly Breath

How do I stop my pet’s breath from being smelly?

Dental disease is a very common concern for our dogs and cats. Not only does dental disease cause smelly breath, inflamed gums, and wobbly teeth, but it also costs a small fortune to get treated at the vets.

The key to stopping the pain, discomfort and cost associated with poor dental health is to think PREVENTION rather than cure. Using a crunchy dry food is a fantastic way to keep teeth clean and prevent nasty tartar build-up.

Canagan Dental gives dogs and cats a lovely satisfying crunch and uses a clinically proven supplement, that softens and removes plaque from the mouth. All without the need to brush!

As our feisty felines tend to strongly dislike their owners meddling in their mouths…  there are many fantastic dental diets to choose from. Both MORE Oral Care and Sense6 Oral will reduce plaque build-up and aid in keeping breath fresh and teeth sparkling.

For the kitty with the finest taste, McAdams for Cats uses powerful Atlantic Dental Algae , which naturally reduces bacteria build-up on the teeth.


Lose Weight

How do I help my pet lose weight?

Helping a pet lose weight can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. The right diet will work wonders for reducing weight and preventing all the issues that come with an overweight animal.

A proper weight loss food, like MORE Lighter, is designed to maintain lean body mass. The special ingredient is L-Carnitine, a protein supplement that helps convert fat into energy.

Added Potato Protein helps keep pets fuller for longer, which is key in stopping the endless begging for more in their bowl.

Psst: Don’t forget to regularly weigh and body score your pets too. Check out our how to guide.


Joint Care

How can I support my pets’ joints?

Much like us, our furry friends get stiffer and sorer as they age. Joint care goes a long way in supporting our pets and reducing the chance of arthritis developing.

Remember prevention is better than cure, the earlier that joints are considered the better. By providing your dog and cat with a joint care rich diet early on, you are giving them the building blocks they need to keep their body strong. You are feeding for your pet’s future!

Of course, the added joint care found in the very best diets will mean you don’t have the stress of adding daily supplements to your pets bowl… 


Sensitive Pet

What should I feed my sensitive pet?

Many dogs and cats suffer from intolerances or more delicate tummies. It can be easy to spend lots of money on medication and supplements, to try and improve their digestive health.

The best nourishment comes from what is in their bowl. Natural premium diets are made to be super digestible, supportive, and of course palatable.

High meat, gently cooked brands such as Tribal or McAdams are easily digested and have added prebiotics designed to support gut health.

Did you know prebiotics feed and nourish the friendly bacteria in the gut? Beneficial gut bacteria play an important role in overall health of the immune and digestive system, so picking foods with these added, gives the gut a helping hand.

Got a sensitive pet with an allergy to common meats like chicken? Insect diets provide a powerful novel protein source and grubs have been proven to be just as nutritious as traditional meat.


Skin & Coat Care

How can I improve my pet’s skin and coat?

As pet owners we all want our furry friends to have nourished, soft, and strokable fur. Often owners turn to oil supplements to try and keep the coat in the best condition. This is costly and certainly makes mealtimes more hassle.

The right diet will already contain a high level of supportive Omega 3 rich oil. In fact, the best diets will use a full bottle per sack!

Salmon and Insect Oil are the best of the best for boosting skin and coat health. They contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which promote glossy coats and reduce skin inflammation.

Psst: Looking to improve coat AND reduce hairball supplement costs? MORE Hairball is a specialised diet that contains Cellulose; a plant fibre that aids in lubricating the digestive tract, making hairballs pass through easily. 


Healthy Pet

Ultimately what you put into your pet, is what you get out. Reduce the spend on expensive extras and focus on what the best nutrition can do for your much-loved furry companion.

For more help and advice on improving your pet’s health with diet, chat with our online experts, or pop into your local Pets Corner store.

To find out more about the nutritional quality of different diets, visit our unbiased pet food review site Pet Food Expert.