Keeping Pets Safe During Firework Season

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Did you know around 45% of pets suffer from fear due to fireworks? Our furry friends can become very stressed and anxious around loud noises.

It is essential you are prepared for the fear that fireworks can bring. Here are some top tips for keeping pets calm and safe during those noisy nights. 


Keeping Dogs and Cats Safe 

Cosy dog

Give them a Hiding Space

Animals should be given somewhere safe and secure to retreat to when things get a bit too scary.  Dogs typically prefer low places, like under a bed or behind a sofa.  Cats prefer high, hidden areas, like the top of a wardrobe. 

Walk dogs during daylight hours

Take them out before it gets dark to reduce the risk of being caught out if someone sets off fireworks early. If you can’t avoid evening walkies, ensure you keep your dog on the lead just in case they spooked. 

Keep cats and dogs safely locked indoors. 

Remember to keep windows shut and lock that cat-flap!

At night close windows and curtains. 

Pop on music or television to mask and muffle the sound of fireworks. Seems the perfect time to start that new tv series… 

Cat Sleeping

 Ignore their behaviour

Fussing over your pet when they are worried, can make their behaviour worse. Instead, stay calm and go about your normal routine, this shows your pet there is nothing to worry about! 

Give them space

Cats generally like to be left alone to cope when distressed. Allow your pets to retreat to their place of safety and never try to force them out. 

Use Distractions

 Treat stuffed toys, training or interactive puzzles can be a fun way to pass the time.

 Read our Guide to Playing with Cats and watch our video on Dog Enrichment. 


Keeping Small Animals Safe 

Indoor Rabbit

Bring Hutches and Cages Indoors

If possible bring them indoors or a quiet insulated place such as a shed/garage. If using a shed, remove anything that could give off harmful fumes, such as paint pots. 

Provide Extra Bedding

This will help make them feel safe and secure and protect against the chill. Remember to read our Guide to Autumn Small Animal Care!

Turn the Hutch Around

If you cannot bring animals inside face their enclosure against a wall or fence instead. Remember to turn it back around in the morning!  

Cover Hutches

Use thick blankets to block out the sight of the fireworks and deaden the sound of the bangs. Making sure there is still enough ventilation and air circulation. 

Top Tip

Make sure your pets have an up to date microchip (and tag if relevant). Our Dogs, Cats and even Rabbits can be chipped, this is peace of mind just in case they go wandering. 


Looking for more Help? 


At Pets Corner we stock a wide variety of calming products to help keep pets stress free. For more help watch our Guide to Calming Treatments video. 

 Pop to your local Pets Corner for expert in person advice. Hope you and your pets have a stress free firework season.