Why Use a Dog Crate?

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

Some owners can be nervous about using a dog crate and perhaps some have misunderstood the true purpose behind crates. Here are some reasons why crates can be a fantastic addition to your puppy or dogs routine.


Perfect for Toilet Training

Pet dens or crates are a fabulous tool for toilet training your pup. Instinctively puppies and dogs do not want to toilet in the same place that they sleep. 

Providing you have the right size crate (read our Guide to Crate Sizes) this can be a brilliant way to help teach your canine companion the toileting rules. 

For more help with puppies, read our Toilet Training Guide. 


Crates are a Safe Space 

Crates if introduced in a positive way, become a ‘bedroom’ for your pup.

Somewhere that is seen as safe, secure and comfortable. Crates should always be viewed as positive by your dog, and somewhere they can go to relax by themselves.


Crates Keep Dogs Safe 

Crates are valuable for keeping  puppies and dogs safe for those short periods of time you cannot supervise them. For example cooking, painting, and parties. 

Teaching your dog to view crates as positive, will also make it easier if they are ever to need crate rest. This way they will be familiar with the crate and less stressed. 


Crates Teach Quiet Time 

Crates help teach ‘quiet time’ to pets, giving them opportunities to relax and rest. Puppies at some point need to learn to self soothe, and crates provide the perfect place for them to do this. 


Handy for Travelling 

Crates are the perfect tool for travelling, as you can take your dogs bedroom with you. This means even in unfamiliar places your dog has the comfort of their familiar and much loved bedroom. 

So there you have it plenty of reasons to try using a crate. For help finding the perfect size, head over to your local Pets Corner store.