Where Should I Put My Litter Tray

Written by Lucy Marcham, Academy Trainer

All cats should have access to a litter tray. This reduces stress and the chances of any unfortunate accidents.

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Many owners struggle with knowing where to put their cats litter tray and the style and size of litter tray to choose. Here are some tips to help you provide the perfect litter tray set up for your cat.


Where should I put the litter tray?

Location, location location! Getting the placement right is key to getting the cat to use the tray.

A cat will only use a litter tray if they feel safe, so always keep this in mind when looking for a suitable area.

Place the tray in a quiet location, away from external doorways and high-traffic areas such as hallways and corridors. Our own bathrooms are often the perfect place for a litter tray, as they are one of the cleanest rooms in the house and are occupied infrequently.

It is best to avoid putting the litter tray in the kitchen or living room. These areas are often busy so your cat will be easily disturbed and can contain strong off-putting scents.


What should I put in the tray?

Each cat will have their own preference when it comes to litter types – from the size of the granules to the smell.

Start with the same litter they were originally introduced to as this is what they are most familiar with. This will help build their confidence in using the tray.

Once the cat is happily using the tray you can explore different litter options that will work for both you and your cat.

There is a huge variety of litter substrates available on the market, from odour controlling clay-based clumping litters to  sustainable corn litter.

For more help read our guide on Switching Litters.


What size tray do I need?

Getting the size of the tray right, is just as important as having it in the first place.

Cats naturally seek to dig and bury the evidence of their toileting. Trays need to be a suitable size to allow for this behaviour and ensure a cat feels comfortable enough to toilet.

Remember kittens start small and cute but grow quickly, so go straight for an adult tray.

A cat should be able to walk into the tray freely and turn around without touching any of the sides. This enables a cat to move around and bury their waste with ease.

Remember the larger the cat, the larger the tray needed!

A cat with a safe, clean, and comfortable litter tray will be happier and healthier.

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